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Appreciating Your Customer this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. One can now sit back, relax and reflect on your progress as the year comes to a close. There is one large group, your customers, who have helped you reach this moment. Your customers have helped your business grow, played a major role in your profits that you have, are and will use to reinvest in your business. Don’t you think that this is the time to appreciate them? Here is more than one way to say thank you.

Giving a person a reason to smile and feel appreciated makes a person feel valued. One way to wish your customers the best during the holiday season is by sending greeting cards. There are different ways to do this. Sending E-greetings is one way but this has more demerits than merits. A customer may spam your message or trash the message in order to space up their inbox. The best way to send greeting cards is by printing a real card. Information can be accessed through details from earlier acquisitions. It also shows that you made an effort and the message seems sincere. Branding the cards and signing them makes them look more personal.

Everybody loves a good surprise and gifting customers with vouchers and discount codes will do the trick. This is both a way to say thank you and a marketing strategy. Vouchers and discount codes act boosts your customers attitude towards your business and will in turn buy products and/or services that they did not plan for. This will automatically improve your profits as all parties go home happy and satisfied. Spicing things a little can only prove to be beneficial for your business. The vouchers and discount code coupons should be branded and given a holiday theme. One should be cautious by including terms and conditions, exclusion of specific services or products and most importantly, expiration dates. This will act as an insurance in order to avoid hitting the red target.

For better customer relationship, one can invite them to the end of year celebration. This is way different from a staff Christmas party. To avoid destruction of property, it is advisable to do this in a different physical location. Send out invites either by hand or through emails and get an account of how many people may attend. Take more time before opening your business and remember to ask for feedback as you interact with your customers. This will not only be the easiest way of market research but the customers will feel personally linked with your business.

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